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Audiology Services

Thank you for trusting the audiology and hearing department at ENT Specialists, PC in Omaha, Nebraska with all your hearing healthcare needs!

The impact of hearing loss goes far beyond that of basic communication.  It reaches into nearly every facet of a person’s life.  As something we often take for granted, we don’t always realize how difficult life can be with impaired hearing.  The effects are quite far reaching, though, and can be detrimental to a person’s well being if the issue isn’t addressed.

We provide comprehensive audiology services including hearing tests in adults and children and hearing aid consultations.  We also provide VNG/ENG testing for balance disorders.

Scheduling an appointment with one of our ENT Specialists’ physicians? Noticed a recent hearing problem?
If you have recently noticed a hearing problem, save a co-pay and schedule a hearing test at the same time as your appointment with your Omaha ENT Specialists’ physician.  Please let the appointment desk know you would like your hearing tested.

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Hearing Aids
Hearing Aid Products
Noise Protection
Meet Our Audiologists
Personal Interview with Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA

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If you have questions regarding our audiology services, email us at or call 402-397-0670, option 4.

Our Hearing Aid Product

Our Audiology and Hearing Aid Department sells ReSound, Starkey and Siemens hearing aids.  For more information on these products, please visit the Starkey, ReSound and/or Siemens web sites.

ReSound Alera Brochure

Alera Frequently Asked Questions

Instruments purchased from this office range from a 2-4 year warranty for repairs, parts and services, in addition to a 2-4 year loss coverage.

There is a 60 day adjustment period on all hearing aids.

The instruments are paid for when they are received.  If the aids are returned during the adjustment period, all money is refunded.

We accept all major credit cards as well as offer an 18 month interest-free payment plan through Care Credit.  We also offer a 5% cash discount.

Additionally, we will file your hearing aid costs to your insurance company if coverage is provided.

Noise Protection

Exposure to excessive noise can damage hearing.  When noise is too loud, it begins to kill the nerve endings in the inner ear. Prolonged exposure to loud noise destroys nerve endings.  As the number of nerve endings decreases, so does your hearing.  There is no way to restore life to dead nerve endings; the damage is permanent.  A ringing in the ears, called tinnitus, commonly occurs after noise exposure, and often becomes permanent.

You should wear hearing protectors if you work in an excessively noisy environment.  You should also wear them when using power tools, noisy yard equipment, firearms, or when riding a motorcycle.

Need noise protection? ENT Specialists has access to a wide variety of custom made earplugs to fit your needs.   Please refer to for more information.

Hunter and Shooter Ear Protection

ENT Specialists, PC, now sells Magnum Ear plugs for hunters and shooters.
As a hunter or shooter, your hearing is a vital sense to your success. Magnum Ear is an electronic device designed for hunters and shooters who want hearing protection as well as environmental awareness.  Available in behind-the-ear and custom-fit in-the-ear models for ultimate comfort.

Magnum Ear devices use proven technology to provide you with both exceptional hearing and protection.

  • Designed to provide you with superior wind noise reduction, providing clarity in situations that matter most.
  • Eliminates annoying feedback or noise to ensure a viturally whistle free experience.
  • Compact and easy to wear throughout the day, unlike bulky and uncomfortable earmuffs or earplugs.
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 24 dB for in-the-ear devices and 26 db for behind-the-ear devices.  The higher the NRR number, the greater the noise reduction.

Meet Our Audiologists


Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA

Certified Audiologist

Ken Stallons attended the University of South Dakota, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Following college, he attended Southern Illinois University, receiving a Masters in Communication Disorders and Audiology. Ken is a board certified audiologist, serving as a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology as well as a member of the Nebraska Hearing Society. Ken served as President of the Nebraska Hearing Society in 2012 and is a past board member of the Iowa Hearing Aid Society. He has been working in the hearing healthcare field since February 1984. He is married and has two children.

Ken currently sees patients at the main ENT Specialists, PC clinic location in Omaha, Nebraska.

Read an interview published by Strictly Business on Ken Stallons.


Misty Mueller, MS, CCC-A

Certified Audiologist

Misty Mueller attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where she received both her Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science in Audiology degrees. Misty is a board certified audiologist with the American Speech and Hearing Society (ASHA) and is also a current member of the Nebraska Hearing Society. Misty joined ENT Specialists, PC in 2006. Prior to this, Misty was an audiologist at an ENT practice in Colorado. Misty is married and has three children.

Misty works at ENT Specialists, PC’s main clinic location in Omaha, Nebraska.

To learn more about Misty, click HERE to view an article where Misty was featured in Strictly Business magazine in Omaha!


Brenda Ohlrich, MS, CCC-A

Certified Audiologist

Brenda Ohlrich attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she received her Master of Science degree in Audiology.  Following graduation, Brenda served as a research and clinical audiologist at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Prior to ENT Specialists, Brenda served as a clinical audiologist at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Brenda is board certified with the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association and holds a Nebraska audiology license. Brenda is married and has three children.

Brenda works at ENT Specialists, PC’s main clinic location.

To learn more about Brenda, click HERE to view an article where Brenda was featured in Strictly Business magazine in Omaha!

Hearing Aids

If you are diagnosed with a hearing loss, the audiologists at ENT Specialists, PC offer a comprehensive hearing aid consultation. It is important to assess your ability to hear in specific situations. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by finding solutions to meet your lifestyle and hearing needs. We will determine which level of digital technology and hearing aid style will be the most beneficial. The levels of technology are divided into 3 categories:

Entry level (Basic)

Mid level (Advanced digital)

High level (Premium)

The different styles of the product range from CIC (completely-in-the-canal) to BTE (behind-the-ear) are now just a matter of personal preferences.

Life with Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids are as small, comfortable, and attractive as they are powerful and they have limited impact on your appearance. Most people will not know you are wearing one.

As soon as you start wearing hearing aids, you begin the process of re-learning how to hear. Although some people adjust relatively quickly, you may find you need practice using aids. Your brain needs to get used to new sounds and stimuli it hasn’t received in a while. This can be overwhelming at first, but is perfectly normal. It may be recommended that you use your hearing aids for limited periods at first, gradually increasing the amount of time.

(information obtained from ReSound web site:, 2011)

Please click HERE to be directed to the ReSound web site for more information on hearing aid types and styles.

Personal Interview with Ken Stallons

Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA directs the audiology department at ENT Specialists, PC in Omaha, Nebraska. We would like to take this opportunity  to introduce you to Ken and show how his training and experiences can be of service to your hearing healthcare needs.

What made you decide to be an audiologist?
I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration – Accounting from the University of South Dakota, and I was working for an accounting firm when I decided I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. My dad was an audiologist and had a private practice in Sioux City. He offered me the opportunity to join him in his practice. I went back to school and earned my Master’s Degree in Audiology from Southern Illinois University and worked with my dad in the family business for 10 years. So, I guess my father had more of a positive influence on my path towards the audiology career field than anyone else.
You have been with ENT Specialists for 16 years now. Why have you stayed and continue to stay with this practice?
I’ve always liked the clinical side of audiology, and being in an ENT office offers up a wide variety of cases that you rarely get to see in a private audiology practice. To me, it’s the best of both worlds in that everyday is different since you don’t know what you might see clinically. Yet, we still get the opportunity to improve a person’s quality of life with amplification devices when necessary. I’m also fortunate that I work with a great group of physicians and staff.
What is your approach to patient care?
I’ve always taken the approach that if you treat everyone as if they are your own mother or father, grandparent or your own child, you’ll want to provide the best thing for them medically, whether it’s helping with their dizziness, tinnitus or just helping them hear better. I can never go wrong with that approach. This has resulted in many patient referrals because I make sure my patients are comfortable and satisfied with the level of care I have given them before they walk out the door.
How do you choose which hearing aid manufacturers to use?
I’ve been doing this since 1984 and have seen a lot of different manufacturers come and go. It’s impossible for one manufacturer to provide a solution to every hearing situation we encounter, which is why we use more than one manufacturer. I want a quality product from a manufacturer that will provide great service at a fair price. Any manufacturer can handle an easy problem, but the real test is if they will stand behind their product in a difficult situation.
What do you think the most important part of your job is?
I primarily want to provide the best medical care possible. This starts with listening to the patients. Sometimes the patient’s last complaint or symptom is just as important as the first one mentioned. Whether it’s the initial appointment or a follow-up, the patient’s input is valuable to helping us solve their troubles. Therefore, I’ve become a better listener through my experiences as an audiologist.
Tell me about your family and what you like to do outside of work?
My wife, Shelley, is a junior high and high school band instructor. We will be married 25 years this August. We have two kids, a son and a daughter. I’ve spent a lot of time coaching their basketball, baseball, and softball teams. I also enjoy playing the guitar and bass.